Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Back doesn't hurt, do I still need a chiropractor?

A: You probably do. The reason is that chiropractic is not just for people that have bad backs. We can help even the simplest of symptoms by strengthening the Adrenal Glands (or better known as Stress Glands) with regular adjustments and natural supplements. Weak Adrenal Glands can cause the following symptoms:

  • poor endurance
  • Weakness/ fatigue/ low energy
  • "wiped out" during or after stress or exercise
  • tend to be allergic / sensitive to odors
  • need to eat regularly (hypoglycemia)
  • aches, pains and stiffness
  • tendency to get - bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis (inflammation which takes longer than normal to go away)
  • recurrent infection / sore throat
  • lightheadedness / low blood pressure

Q: Does a chiropractic treatment hurt?

A: Most people who have been to a chiropractor are used to being twisted, cracked and turned. This can be both uncomfortable and a little invasive and we do NOT use these methods unless specifically requested. Dr. Cohen uses a method called Activator. which has been consistently rated the most gentle form of chiropractic and is safe for all ages from infants to elderly. He has even been known to treat his family's 18 year old poodle Tiffany!

Q: Can my children benefit from chiropractic care?

A: Yes! Children have problems just like adults do. With the amount of books children carry nowadays, making their backpacks weigh more than they do, the risk of scoliosis has risen dramatically. Dr. Cohen has helped countless children who have been in car accidents, chronic ear infections, digestive problems, asthma and so much more. The average child by the age of 5 has suffered over a thousand traumas. If these everyday traumas such as falling off a bike, sliding into first base and learning to walk go untreated they can lead to diminished function of vital organs and mobility. This is not only something that Dr. Cohen lives and believes, he has been adjusting his own son since he was 2 days old.

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